Fraudulent Activity – Be Aware.

Fraudsters are using the Self-Assessment deadline to target vulnerable taxpayers. Make yourself aware of their latest scams.

With the 31 January, Self-Assessment deadline fast approaching, fraudsters are using this time as an opportunity to target taxpayers. This fraudulent activity will continue after the deadline, as many taxpayers will be expecting to hear from HMRC.

Some of these scams tell taxpayers that they are due a rebate/refund from HMRC, and ask for bank or credit card details in order to send this “refund.” HMRC has also published a warning about a new telephone scam where an automated phone call is made, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC is bringing a lawsuit against the recipient.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind our clients that HMRC will only make contact with taxpayers due a refund by post and never uses emails, text messages or external companies for this activity.

For more information on how to spot scams, and genuine HMRC contact, follow the link below.