Construction Industry Scheme (CIS Scheme)

The CIS scheme is complex to operate; let our dedicated team do this on your behalf.

If you operate within the Construction Industry Scheme, and require additional support or information, Ledger is here to help.
The Construction Industry Scheme applies to all businesses in the construction industry and places an obligation on contractors to check registration details for subcontractors working for them.  In some situations, the contractor will have to deduct the necessary tax from the subcontractor, depending on their CIS certification.  It is also worth noting that some businesses can actually be a contractor and a subcontractor at the same time.

Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor in the Construction Industry Scheme, you may need some expert assistance ensuring you are working compliantly as HMRC’s fines and penalties can be severe if you get things wrong.

Administering the CIS scheme can be a daunting process. Ledger is able to provide support and assist you with all aspects of the scheme.
The software we use is CIS compliant and we can:

  • Verify your subcontractors to ensure their tax status is dealt with correctly
  • File your CIS returns each month to ensure you avoid penalties for late returns
  • Produce statements for your subcontractors
  • Advise you of your liability to pay to HMRC