Do I need to file a P11D?

The deadline for P11D is fast approaching.

The deadline for P11D filing is 6 July 2019

Who needs to file a P11D?

P11Ds are filed by the employer, not the employee – although, for many freelancers and contractors, they’re one and the same.

When do I need to file a P11D?

P11D’s must be filed by 6th July following the tax year in question. So, your P11D for the tax year running 6th April 2018 to 5th April 2019 must be filed by 6th July 2019. Any tax due must be paid to HMRC by the 22nd July each year.

What needs to be included in a P11D?

Generally speaking, any items the company pays for and that the employee benefits from need to be included on the P11D form. Expenses and benefits that need to be reported to HMRC are:

  • Company cars & Vans
  • Loans for rail season tickets
  • Other loans
  • Health insurance
  • Assets provided to an employee that have significant personal use
  • Self Assessment fees paid by the company
  • Non-business travel expenses
  • Non-business entertainment expenses

The above list is not exhaustive, so if you have any queries do just get in touch and we would be happy to assist.