SME Grant available September 2020

Can you benefit from this?

Business Review & Recovery Planning

Fully funded by government grant for businesses based in England.

There is a short window of opportunity – during September 2020 – to apply for a new government grant that would pay for a comprehensive review and recovery planning exercise for your business.

We would undertake the application process and work with you to create a workable business plan as we start the process of emerging from COVID lock-down.

This is a welcome response by government as there are many smaller businesses who could benefit from our advice but are unable to proceed due to lack of funds.

How do we apply for the grant?

An application needs to be made to your local Growth Hub. We can help you with this.

What are the benefits for our business?

We perfectly understand that you may have been reluctant to invest much needed funds to pay for professional advice but we can now offer a review of your present financial position, help you create a recovery plan and have all our costs paid for by this new grant.

Each business will have its own unique challenges, and this is a painless way to access the advice you need without reducing your cash resources.

We need to move quickly to secure funding

Grant applications will open during September and are likely to be taken up quickly. If you are interested please call so that we can progress a grant application for you and discuss the scope of the planning advice you need.

Action to take now

Please contact us ASAP to ask for our fact sheet that provides more details to help you consider your action plan.